Coffman Racing Formula Drift Seattle 2016 Recap

After a Top 8 finish in Canada, the Coffman Racing Team was eager to get back out to compete at Formula Drift Round 6 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington.  The car was refreshed and ready after being on the road for the last three rounds, and the team was able to make some important suspension adjustments during Thursday practice with the help of Chris from KW Suspension.  During practice, Matt was driving the car the same way he would in competition the next few days, flat out, and on the wall.

On Friday the team entered qualifying feeling extremely confident.  Matt was able to lay down an 89 and an 84, which put him among the top qualifiers. Ultimately the scores resulted in Matt qualifying 8th, which put him up against Andy Grey for Top 32.

On Saturday Matt was ready for Top 32.  He had to battle Andrew Gray, and quickly advanced to the Top 16 against Alec Hohnadell.   Despite the fact that Matt and Alec have been in Formula D for the same amount of time, this was the first time they had run against each other.  Matt was able to pull away from Alec on the bank, but Alec made contact with Matt through the power alley.  The team made sure that the car was undamaged and then Matt laid down an impressive chase run, advancing into the Top 8.  

In the Top 8 Matt ran against Dean Kearney.  Both the lead and the follow run showcased each of the drivers’ skills, and the judges chose to go one more time.  During the one more time battle, Dean drove into the side of Matt’s car and Matt had to be towed back into the service area.  The team quickly made sure the car was safe and ready for competition, and Matt headed back out to complete his battle with Dean.  Matt’s chase run was consistent with what the judges were looking for, and Matt was awarded the win.  

For the first time, Matt made it into the Final 4 where he would battle Chris Forsberg.  Matt’s follow run was strong until the final corner but Matt’s lead run against Chris had the judges, announcers, and fans going wild. Matt’s speed and angle were what this sport is all about.  He was able to graze the wall on the bank with his back bumper, showcasing incredible car control and style.  Although the judges awarded Chris with the win, the team is incredibly proud of this weekend’s fourth place finish.  The team now sits 15th overall for the 2016 Formula Drift Pro Standings.  We are excited to continue our chase for the podium at Round 7 in Texas on September 9th & 10th.

Matt Coffman