Coffman Racing Formula Drift Texas 2016 Recap

After a finish in the Final 4 in Seattle, the Coffman Racing Team was eager to get back out to compete at Formula Drift Round 7 at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas, Texas. The car was looking dapper after the team had replaced bodywork from the tandem battles of Round 6. On Thursday the team was able to acclimate to the Texas heat, make a few adjustments to the car and Matt was able to execute a few solid practice runs.

On Friday, the team went into qualifying with confidence.  Matt was able to score a 91, which put him among the top qualifiers.  A tie resulted and it came down to the driver’s series standings to determine the qualifying order.  Matt wound up qualifying 12th, which put him up against Michael Essa for Top 32.

On Saturday, Matt headed into Top 32.  In Matt’s lead run, he had the clear advantage over Michael Essa, as Essa dropped a tire off the course.  On Matt’s follow run, he was able to maintain incredible proximity, but was shallow in the clipping zone and Essa was at an advantage.  The team was hoping for the judges to call a one-more-time battle, but instead they awarded Essa the win. Despite ending the weekend earlier than we had hoped, the team was still incredibly proud and confident in the improvements that have been made this season.  The team now sits 16th overall for the 2016 Formula Drift Pro Standings.  We’ll be back for the finals at Formula Drift Round 8 in Irwindale, California on October 7th and 8th.

Matt Coffman