Coffman Racing Formula Drift 2016 Canada Recap

The Coffman Racing Team headed to Round Five, Formula Drift Canada in good spirits. Despite the moody weather, we were able to get in some quality practice on the new track between rainstorms. 

The weather managed to stay clear on Friday for the better part of the morning, allowing us to run another full practice session before qualifying.  The team made some final adjustments to the car and Matt headed out to qualifying.  Both qualifying runs were impressive with scores in the 80’s.  The results from qualifying landed us 13th for Top 32 on Saturday.


Saturday the car was ready for the Top 32. Our first battle was up against Charles Ng.  It was a good battle, and the judges awarded Matt the win.  We moved on to the Top 16 against Chelsea DeNofa.  Matt advanced again in Top 16 and headed into the Top 8 to battle against Fredrick Aasbo.  Matt and Fredrick put on an awesome show with both runs, but the judges awarded the win to Aasbo.  The team is very happy with the results and now Matt sits in 17th place in the overall point standings and is excited to get back in the car for Round Six at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington on August 5th and 6th.



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Matt Coffman