Coffman Racing Formula Drift Texas 2017 Recap


Last weekend, the Coffman racing team headed to Texas Motor Speedway for the seventh round of the Formula Drift series.  


Thursday, the team was able to get in some quality practice time.  Both Matt and Alec were performing great in their cars.  The track in Texas is tricky for some drivers with a high speed wall tap at the end of the run.  It is challenging for some drivers to run the layout at full speed.  The driver’s were quickly reminded of it’s dangerous potential when a Pro 2 driver tapped the wall and flipped his car on its roof on Thursday afternoon. Speaking with officials in the series, it seems this is only the 3rd roll over in Formula Drift History.  However Matt was unfazed by this track, and enjoys driving on it’s high speed layout.  Thursday night the team tucked the cars away for the evening, and was able to get some quality rest before qualifying the next day.


Friday, the team was able to make the most of our morning practice session to get a little more seat time before qualifying began.  Matt was up early in the qualifying order and his first qualifying run set the bar high for the other drivers as it was awarded a score of 90.  Matts 2nd run was the highest score of the season being awarded a 97, with perfect style points from all three judges.  After Matt had made his 2nd run, James Deane made his 2nd run and was also awarded a 97. This put Matt into the #2 qualifying spot and earned Matt a bye run for the Top 32 the next day.

Saturday things were looking good.  Alec advanced through his Top 32 battle and both drivers were prepared for the Top 16.  However, things don't always go as planned. Unfortunately mechanical issues ended both drivers’ weekend.  As Matt was heading to his Top 16 battle against Vaughn Gittin Jr., our engine decided it was done. It's tough having to forfeit a battle, but we will have the car back to 100% and ready to battle in Irwindale. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support this weekend.  The team’s next competition will be at Round Eight of Formula Drift in Irwindale on October 13th.

Matt Coffman